There is no finer, more delicious method of cooking than grilling or barbecuing. The mild smoky flavors mingled with the light charring of the meats gives both a primal taste and a balance of flavors that most epicureans would agree is delightful!
But, before we go much further, we must clarify a most contentious issue. Is there a difference between grilling and barbecuing?

Yes. Throughout most of the USA, these words mean the same over hot coals or gas on a grill using direct heat. But across the Southern USA, barbecue is primarily recognized as cooking slowly over indirect heat (with or without smoke). In most cases everyone agrees that cooking over direct heat is grilling. The question is, can that also be called "barbecuing"?

For our purposes on this web page, we'll keep it simple and basic. We'll refer to most of the cooking styles as "Grilling" as that is the word most commonly used outside the USA as well. We'll reserve the word "Barbecue" for the slow cook methods, although we'll generally describe the exact cooking style needed (direct, indirect, smoke, etc.) when detailing the recipes.

That said, we're off to explore the wonders of Grilling & Barbecuing. Wander through the pages of this web site, read the recipes, plunder through the history of barbecue, smell the wonderful aroma of meats, vegetables and breads as you flip through the pages. And if you have something to share with me, check out the About page to leave a message or maybe a link to a favorite recipe!

Happy Grilling!

C.J. Trayser -- Master Griller!

Of course, I need to mention that this is a work in progress. I'm constantly researching and cooking and eating, so things will change...maybe often, maybe seldom.

But, feel free to send me a note over on the "About Me" page if you like any of these pages on my Grill-B-Q site.